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…is a live bus map of Saskatoon.

Feel free to email any feedback to paige.ruten@gmail.com.


Bus that reported its location in the last 75 seconds.
Bus that last reported its location 75–150 seconds ago.
Bus that hasn't reported its location for more than 150 seconds (will be removed after 30 minutes).
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Buses seem to report their location about every 30 seconds. Those location reports take at least 20 seconds to get to us. So bus locations shown will generally be 20–50 seconds out of date at any given time. You can see precisely how out of date a bus's location is by clicking on it.

The last 5 location reports of each bus are shown as a series of arrows behind the bus.

If there are no buses reporting, and the sun is up, then there may be an outage of live data on saskatoon.ca's side. These seem pretty uncommon, but do happen.